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Re: 2020 Bullpen
« Reply #25: July 30, 2020, 12:57:30 PM »
This seems like a pretty likely explanation. I am not sure why masks are so awful for some folks. It's way too many people to write it off as folks being ignorant or paranoid. I have to think that for a decent chunk of people, they are just absolutely intolerable. For me, once it's on and in place, the only time I notice it is if my glasses steam up past the bifocal part to my distance vision area. That's pretty rare and pinching the mask at the bridge of my nose fixes it.
we can shift the mask discussion because it is a side track but for me, it really does get warm and I do find at least one set of masks (3 layer0 can be tough to breathe through if I keep them on when I do a walk of 20 minutes or so.  I use those when I'm going indoors (CVS, grocery, or medical appointment) because I figure they are a little better than my more comfortable 2 layer masks.  So I'm not going to say it's nothing, and I do  slip it off when I think I'm not going to be too near anyone, but I do make it a point to wear it when I'm indoors or anticipate enecountering a lot of people.