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Re: Jersey Customization
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Finally got some updates, from the team store and parts of the internet.

Team Store
They only carry replica style heat-press letters and numbers in the current year fonts. There's also an issue between the Nike and Majestic fabrics that make customizing older (pre-2017) Majestic jerseys difficult, on top of slight variations in lettering. They cannot do any sewing jobs, typography or patches. This is the first time the store staff have been asked these questions, apparently, but I got someone who took the time to get answers.

Pro Cut Lettering
A group of people who do the work I'm looking for. Can do almost any font/numeral in baseball...except the beveled gold style the team wore until 2011. Still, they can handle most any other request and reasonable and low costs, a bout $25 for a full back and front set. The catch is this, everything comes in pieces and assembly required on the purchaser's end.

Exclusive Pro
A business in Chicago that does all sorts of on-field grade customizations. They can do the beveled gold font/numerals, jobs are $70 plus ~$20 return shipping. From talking with them it sounds like they can handle any and all eras of Nats typography.

I hope this helps, as it looks like many of you were interested in this. Will post any updates as I discover them or use the above services.