Author Topic: So will there be a 2020 season?  (Read 19801 times)

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Re: So will there be a 2020 season?
« Reply #1375: October 08, 2020, 08:46:02 AM »
Yes, the people rooting for the season to collapse due to their political/personal beliefs look foolish now.

Baseball did it. Good for the players and the coaching staffs. And thanks for providing us with some entertainment the last couple months.

This isn't a trial balloon. This is the first part of an easier let down. They'll come back and say, sorry, I mean we tried, but the logistics of this just don't work out. We're thinking of trying [insert another idea here].

A couple weeks or a month later, sorry that won't work. We might try [insert idea here].

Month later, just no way to pull this off, season is canceled.