Author Topic: So will there be a 2020 season?  (Read 12994 times)

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Re: So will there be a 2020 season?
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These are uncertain times.  Nobody knows the WTF is going on, not even the experts on this board.  The best laid plans, in every aspect out lives these days, are shaky at best.   I view it as, they are trying to make it happen.  Let's not freak out every time we hit a bump in the road because there will be more coming.  Roll with the punches and adjust when necessary.

Seems like we are divided into two groups. One that really wants baseball at all costs and one that thinks it’s dumb to try to do this when there has been little progress in controlling the disease.
60 percent of a team testing positive on the first weekend is not a bump in the road. It’s an indication that this is folly.