Author Topic: So will there be a 2020 season?  (Read 12371 times)

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Re: So will there be a 2020 season?
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3 bubbles would have been the answer...

New York has 2 MLB fields that could host a double header daily, and Staten Island to host a day game daily for the East teams.  Use Brooklyn as home base.

Chicago has 2 Mlb fields and Milwaukee another.  Use Northern Chicago Suburban hotels as home base for the Central teams.

LA has 2 MLB fields...not sure about a third.  Plenty of places to use as home base for the West Teams.

But...they couldn't stand to be away from home for 60-75 days.  What a bunch of spoiled wimps...

LA you could use the A ball parks in San Bernardino and Rancho Cucamonga.   You could do something similar for the Bay Area if you wanted: Oakland, SF, San Jose's A ball park, and even Sacramento if you wanted to expand a bit.  Chicago also has a couple Midwest League parks fairly nearby too, especially if you're including Milwaukee.