Author Topic: So will there be a 2020 season?  (Read 8375 times)

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Re: So will there be a 2020 season?
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I read it (via Twitter).  Four and a half month season, players (managers, etc.) would be quarantined in the compound the whole time, they would not see their families.  Players would sit in the stands (not the dugout) properly separated.  They would play several (many?) 7-inning doubleheaders, in order to have a near-full season.  Will use electronic strikezone so ump can keep distance from the plate. According to this plan they would start sometime in May.

Never gonna happen. 

First of all, with all this consideration for distancing: do they tell the first baseman he has to stand at least 6 feet from first base if there is a runner?  That he cannot hold the runner on first?  Can a runner on first steal second, and if so, are they going to invent a "remote tag"?  How do they distance the catcher from the batter? 

They haven't thought this through.

As Boras has been pushing proposals and may be connected to this as well, I'm anticipating more plans that aren't thinking things through as much as making bank in the short term and resetting the table for year.