Author Topic: "I won't go on the DL---EVER."  (Read 745 times)

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"I won't go on the DL---EVER."
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  Barry Bonds-OF- Giants Jun. 7 - 1:10 am et
Barry Bonds (shin) walked as a pinch-hitter Wednesday and was immediately removed for a pinch-runner.

That Bonds was used off the bench shows that the Giants have no intention of putting him on the DL. "I won't go on the DL," Bonds said. "Don't count on seeing me on the DL -- ever. I won't let myself. I will work hard. I will play through it."

Balco is such a team player.   :roll:

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Re: "I won't go on the DL---EVER."
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Yeah easy to do when you're on 'roids!