Author Topic: Deaths of Famous People (2020)  (Read 9847 times)

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Re: Deaths of Famous People (2020)
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It's tough to get support for a memorial when the state/local government can't say they were proud in what happened there.  It's going to take some private donations by Alabama firms to build a memorial in Selma.  A good start would be for someone to write a strong letter to large Alabama papers suggesting a memorial for the bridge & John Lewis.  But selma the area needs jobs, such as those that have left for other countries over the past 40 years.

I REALLY wish some enterprising person could transform Selma into a go-to destination, the history there should be celebrated but it is such a depressing area. We went a few year ago and walked across the bridge and it made me sad more isn't being done to truly honor and memorialize what transpired there.