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Eagles offensive line is putrid. Aaron Donald is going to run wild next week. He may have 8 sacks by himself.
If Lane Johnson is back that will help.

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Why does this team not have a name yet?
Rushing a name change before the season would have been a huge mistake. This was least bad option, and honestly I'm fine with it at moment. Love the uniforms. I don't think it is a zero possibility they keep it just to be different.

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You may want to control any excitement about the defense.  They played against an offensive line with two rookie starters and a 38 year old at left tackle.  I’m all in on the Eagles tanking and drafting Lawrence. 
I don't think we're going to have 8 sacks a game, but there is a ton of talent upfront, they added a generational talent, and now have an upgraded scheme. My concern on defense is the secondary is rough and I'm not sure Fuller can cover that. I'm also getting a bit numb to the fact we are 13 years past the death of Sean Taylor and at no point since have we ever fielded two NFL average safeties at one time. Landon Collins follows a storied run starting from LaRon Landy of the Redskins having one "average, maybe above average some days" in the box safety while the other position is a complete tirefire of guys who should be special teams gunners or retired.

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Defense is good enough to win some games, but Haskins will lose us an equal amount of games
I think Haskins was fine yesterday. The Eagles dropped an interception, but every game in the NFL defenses drop INT's both way.

Haskins looked better physically and showed enough legs to make the defense respect that, but he has to have the worst supporting cast on offense in the NFL. The O-Line will be average if everything breaks for the best. I thought Dontrelle Inman was out of the NFL after a couple good seasons for the Chargers a few years back, and I legit didn't realize Logan Thomas was the Logan Thomas from VTech until yesterday. The backs are pretty boring, but I'm glad they're rolling the dice with a few backs in their 20's instead of having Adrian Peterson grind out a solid season that wouldn't make a huge difference.

I'd like to see his completion percentage higher, but defenses know right now the Redskins don't have anyone who will beat them over the top other than McLaurin and defenses are smart enough to know when McKissic or Gibson is at WR then right now they can sit short routes.

I think the Redskins are heading to at best 6 or 7 wins unless someone Sims or Inman starts producing at the second WR spot and the offense gets something going. But that is pie in the sky. All I want this season is Haskins to show enough that he earns the right to start next year with some free agent help at the skill positions.

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