Author Topic: Rob Manfred's plan to destroy minor league baseball  (Read 614 times)

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Most people in these communities don’t attend the games. Or if they do it’s for the other entertainment and not the baseball. Baseball has been losing popularity with all these minor league teams. It really does not help.

For the communities it’s tough luck. The risk they took. Just like being in towns where coal mining was king. Need to move on.
Plenty of people go to games.

What’s wrong with that. These guys have very slim chances of ever making the big leagues. They are just fodder to play with and against the chosen ones. Other sports survive without extensive minor leagues.
What's wrong is that it will hurt teams, particularly small market teams that rely on extensive farm systems to develop talent.

This isnt basketball or football where raw talent will get you onto professional roster or at least a tryout. It doesnt get you past double A in the big leagues.

The owners are doing this because they're greedy and dont want to pay minor leaguers a reasonable wage. It would be a drop in the bucket to simply get them up to minimum wage. But instead they'd rather risk a ton of lawsuits from all the governments they're about to freak over. While minor league attendance is increasing,  they're going to eliminate 90% of them

This will have pretty disastrous effects on the game for decades. Guys like Piazza, Mark Buehrle, Mark Grace, Dusty Baker, Roy Oswalt, Jorge Posada, Ken Griffey, Kenny Rogers, Orlando Hudson, John Smoltz, Andy Pettite, and Raul Ibanez never see a MLB diamond under this system.

Who knows what kind of effect this will have on the fan base. No more cheap family baseball games in small cities. Kids will grow up with only a cursory connection to the game.