Author Topic: Astros stealing signs - But Dusty to the Rescue  (Read 11456 times)

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Hopefully some reporters will continue to bring it up until we actually get detail- I would love Altuve to get asked about the buzzer every presser until he answers followed by his view of cheaters in the hall

The other thing that needs readdressing is the whistle issue. Given the need for the plan to evolve, it would stand to reason that a certain whistling -- which appears to be clearly done -- would have been the next step.

The argument against it was that it didn't prove to be as definitively borne out as the thumping, but it didn't need to be. An evolution of the scheme could've been akin to what the reaction to the sign stealing was -- sets of signals, mechanisms to change them up as needed, etc. As a bonus, they could easily start signaling false signs and whistles to not only cover tracks but make the opposition overprepare and lose focus.

Remember, part of this thing was named Codebreaker, and one of the most common aspects of code systems in competition/warfare is misdirection. And when investigated solely on correlation, the plausible deniability is built in -- that is, for those like MLB who don't particularly want to find out bad things if they don't have to bother. It also works for reporters who don't like legwork.

However, enough suspect whistles appeared to have logged when it counted, and those inclined to pore over these tapes might start looking for clusters of patterns, especially in certain situations. I don't think this is over by a long shot.