Author Topic: Astros stealing signs - But Dusty to the Rescue  (Read 8008 times)

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What could they say though?  We're a bunch of cheaters, we got caught, but hey, WS title!!

Zuck writes:

Will Harris owns a 2017 championship ring. So even though he now pitches for the Nationals, the veteran reliever couldn't avoid addressing the Astros scandal today. Like other now-former Houston players, Harris said he wishes he had spoken up at the time about the cheating and tried to help put an end to it. Though he didn't benefit from the sign stealing the way position players did, he wouldn't hang them out to dry.

"We were a team, so I'm not going to separate myself from everybody who was involved," Harris said. "I was on that team. I take responsibility for it just like every other man that was in there."