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Maybe, but beyond him there's basically nothing.  Yasel Antuna missed all of last season and didn't hit in the Sally before that.  Unless he's totally rebuilt his swing, his physical size is irrelevant because he slaps with his arms.  If your #7 prospect is a dude who's never been above low-A, whose ceiling is Wilmer Difo and he's iffy staying at SS, you're not in a good place.  Yes, he's only 20, but that's not "projectable," it's just a straight up project.

I'm clearly not trying to argue we have a great system. In regards to the rankings with other teams at the low end, look at the Sox. They have 2 Sox arms in tier 2, with Rutledge in tier 3. Rutledge has as much raw stuff as pretty much anyone in the minors and he had a solid stint to start his career. Guys like Mata and Song(who cant 3even play for 2 more years) are not a tier above Rutledge based on their own criteria. We have 2 top 100, plus Rutledge matching their 3 and 4 guys. They only have 1 top 100.

As far as someone like Altuna, there is still plenty of projection for a 20 year old left. Especially one who missed a year due to injury. He will be 20 all year next year. That's younger than just about every college draftee in June, and only 18 months older than many top.high school talents. Dont let fast risers like Soto  and Acuna(or even Robles or Garcia) skew what's normal. I'm not saying Antuna should be ranked at any specific area or anything. I just dont think him being 20 means hes at the end of the road. Hes got a lot of development left and still possesses big upside. Hes raw,unproven, and not someone you can count on either. But hes still young and very talented. I'd rather have guys with huge upside at the back end of our top 10 and into the teens than a Difo type. Guys like Antuna, Denaburg, Romero, and even Yean and Lara have big time talent. A lot of teams have similar talents. I'm not saying we stand out in that regard. I just dont think we have the worst system in baseball.