Author Topic: Nationals Prospect Reports / Minor League System Rankings 2020  (Read 1389 times)

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While there is no debating were a bottom third, probably bottom 1/6, the system is better than the 4 listed directly after them. Two top tier guys carry value, but they seem to underrate Rutledge. Hes got a lot to prove, but his stuff and draft pedigree should have him in the 2nd tier.

Maybe, but beyond him there's basically nothing.  Yasel Antuna missed all of last season and didn't hit in the Sally before that.  Unless he's totally rebuilt his swing, his physical size is irrelevant because he slaps with his arms.  If your #7 prospect is a dude who's never been above low-A, whose ceiling is Wilmer Difo and he's iffy staying at SS, you're not in a good place.  Yes, he's only 20, but that's not "projectable," it's just a straight up project.