Author Topic: Nationals Prospect Reports / Minor League System Rankings 2020  (Read 1391 times)

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Our system clearly stinks, but I think we have a number of future pros, which is nice. Guys like Crowe, Bourque, Read, Cronin, etc. seem like (at worst) guys who can stick on a roster, Kieboom has star potential but a decent floor and there's also a non-zero chance we get Sterling Sharp back. Just have to hope he doesn't get hurt and DL'ed for the year. Kinda hoping he bombs in ST and doesn't stick on a roster.

System is definitely top heavy. There are a couple names though that could be difference makers come this time next year. Romero, Antuna, and Denaburg have been held back by injuries but have top 100 potential. Intrigued by Antuna. He was the highest paid signee the year we got Garcia. Missed all year because of TJ but looks like he should be ready to go this year.

The depth in the system could look a lot better by the end of the hear.