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Re: Hot Stove: 2019-2020 Offseason
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I thought about Villar as well when we were discussing Mancini as a possible trade candidate. It's not like one of Villar's biggest downsides - his occasional brain-farts on the basepaths - would be something new for the Nats. His strikeout rate is also an issue, but that would be the case with some other potential FAs like Schoop. I assume that any team that might make a waiver claim would be on the hook for his projected $10+ million in arbitration? Is there another team with middle infield needs who might take a chance on him for that number?

Kind of ironic that Villar came up with the Astros during their rebuild, and became expendable after the 2015 season. Maybe it's a bit of "Baltimore gonna Houston" or some caricature thereof.
Yea, if you put in a waiver claim, you take the contract. Unless you negotiate something with the team in the trade. I dont get this move by the Orioles. Even with Davis, their projected payroll is around 60 million. If Villar duplicates what he did in 2019 (or comes relatively close), he'd be worth something at the 2020 deadline.

Villar's strikeout rate isnt any worse than Dozier. Like you said, his base running would fit right in. His defense is .... okay. Paired with Turner, I could see some issues. But offensively he'd be an improvement over Dozier.