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Re: Hot Stove: 2019-2020 Offseason
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Dumping MAT?

One key to roster construction is how cheap the outfield is with Soto and Robles on minimum and Eaton being cheap.   Hypothetical roster construction would be:

Eaton ($9.5MM), Robles, Soto, Stevenson (MLB minimum), Parra ($2MM, coming off a $1.75MM contract).  Total OF - <14MM.

Rendon ($35MM), Turner ($7.5MM, which is 2x his 2019 pay as a 2d year arb eligible), A-Cab - $4MM, [Kieboom/Sanchez] minimum, RZ $5MM, Mystery Lefty 1B - Moreland? Brad Miller? $3-5MM.  That's $50-52MM or so for the IF. That is close to the lux tax cost of the 2019 infield ($44.5MM for Rendon, RZ, Dozier, $3.75 for Turner, $3.5 Howie, and negligible for A-Cab).

Suzuki is $5MM.  Need a #2.  Figure no more than $2MM for a random back up, fo atotal of $7MM at C.  That saves about $1.8MM from Gomes.

Still can afford Stras at $30MM AAV for 6 years.  Add in the 4 pitchers locked in (Max, Corbin, Anibal, and Doo) for  $68MM.  Figure a set up guy, maybe Huddy for $5MM AAV.  add in Rainey and Suero for MLB minimum, and 2 of Ross / Fedde / Voth for longman / 5th starter.  That leave 2 pitching slots open between Guerra, Strickland, Elias, and whoever you bring in for maybe another $4MM.  That brings in the 12 man staff for about $110MM.  Key is 3-4 guys on MLB minimum. 

If my numbers are in the ballpark, that's a nice roster for maybe less than $175MM.