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Re: Hot Stove: 2019-2020 Offseason
« Reply #125: November 03, 2019, 01:25:02 PM »
Nats exercise option on Doolittle, he's coming back!

Here's a summary of all moves so far:

going to be interesting to see what they do about a catcher for next year.  I don't think they believe Read is ready.  Maybe Stephen Vogt?
they have some flexibilty and could even meet Stras at $30MM AAV and Rendon at $35MM.  They have a cheap closer (Doo at $6MM), RF an 1 catcher spot, plus 3 rotation slots on long term contracts.  Soto and Robles are MLB minimum.  Huddy may not break the bank if you want him back. Give the 5th rotation slot to one of Fedde / Ross / Voth, and things start to look affordable.  Neither Suero nor Rainey are arb eligible.  Trick is can you pull together a Zim plus mystery
at 1st and get Kieboom to play 2d.  If Rendon walks, you can definitely keep almost all the old gang you want together, even Howie.

There's so much money coming off the roster that there is a lot of flexibility.  There was fat for luxury tax purposes that disappears.  I don't think Taylor is back, Adams is gone, so is Rosenthal and Barraclough.  That's over $15MM.  Then there's Dozier ($9MM), Gomes and Howie (another $7.3MM together).  Zim's contract is up ($16.7 MM).  I think you can bring back Hudson for 2 years, $5MM AAV.  Key will be shifting the $20MM+ you had locked into 1st and maybe maybe some of the $9MM at 2d towards Rendon or his successor. Keep 1st to under $10MM, go with [Cabby / Kendrick] plus [Sanchez / Kieboom] at 2d, and you can keep Rendon.