Author Topic: The Bashin' A's Heading to Las Vegas?  (Read 880 times)

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Re: The Bashin' A's Heading to Las Vegas?
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Gist of the situation is that the A's are trying to acquire land for a new ballpark, and the city is saying that any land deals must first make room for public space and affordable housing.  Given the housing crunch in that area, it seems that bulldozing both the Colosseum and the Oracle Arena next door to build housing might make more sense than building a new A's ballpark.

The crazy part is that the owner isn't asking for public funds to build the stadium.

The A's ballpark wouldn't be on the Coliseum site - it's supposed to be at Howard Terminal.  The crazier part is that public space and affordable housing is almost exactly what the A's are proposing to do with the Coliseum site absent the City's intervention.

It's a shame the Giants didn't let the A's move to San Jose. That would have made a lot of sense. Moving the A's to Las Vegas also makes a decent amount of sense, aren't they the most popular team there already?

Especially considering that, back in the day, the A's agreed - as an uncompensated gesture of goodwill - to a territorial division that gave San Jose to the Giants because the Giants wanted to move there.