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Re: A Thank You to the Nationals
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Not that simple really. I think different fans want different things from their teams.

Sure, all fans want to win, and win it all as often as possible. But given that's not really realistic, it comes down to how a fan views coming up short just about every year.

To me, if they compete and get in the playoffs and give themselves a chance (like this year), then it has been a good year. If they don't make the playoffs, then for me it has been a failed year.

For others it's good enough just fielding a decent, above .500 team that's fun to watch and follow. I have no problem with that, either. On the other hand, if someone considers it a failed year if they don't win it all, then they're going to be disappointed most of the time. Whatever works for you.

Points well taken, but the last thing on my mind right now, due to my competitive nature, is waxing poetic or being philosophical about what has transpired to get us to this point in this season. Just win something, for crying out loud. Given the expectations -the payroll, the $300 club seats, the $9 beers, Etc, it's high time this club stepped up and won a playoff series for once.m