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Re: A Thank You to the Nationals
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ImRef - that is an interesting analogy.  I have to say 2005 being the 1st year was a fan special.  and I remember 2012, for it was our last year in DC and we all thought the WS was a lock.  But this year - with The shark, the fan shark root, the HR dance, and the coming back after the 1st 1/3 of the season - it moves Nats fans like none of us have seen before.  In a town where we are all suppose to split into 2 groups and not work with the other heathens, the Nats have merged the heathens into a single community that can have fun despite the political barriers.
Nats would've won the 2012 NLDS if Stras hadn't been shut down.  Total mismanagement of an ace pitcher.  That and the Gio/Storen choke job in Game 5 ruined the entire season for me. 

This season, there was no egregious mismanagement of players.  I just want to see a well played game tomorrow, and I'll be happy (win or lose -- although winning is better).  But if this team blows another 6-run lead, it would ruin the entire season for me.

BTW -- Adam Dunn never appeared in a post season game.  I associate Adam Dunn with losing.