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Re: A Thank You to the Nationals
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I appreciate them not just for the turnaround they made, one of historic proportions.  But even more than that was the way they did it, swimming across turbulent waters with that 100-pound millstone of a bullpen around their necks. I don't follow MLB that closely, but I can't remember another team that made it to the playoffs with such an important and glaring weakness.  And they had fun doing it! 

I know the Dodgers have been anointed the Team of Destiny, but their bullpen blew the same number of games as ours - 27 - and our win/loss record, after the 19-34 start was the same as theirs. There's a reason the wildcard team has forced a game five against a team that won more than 105 games. And I fully agree those mid-season shots of adrenaline from replacement new additions who went from being cast off to part of an historic drive really, really contributed so much.