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Re: Negativity from a usually positive person
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Don't know whether you're feeling any better after last night's win, but I imagine some of your worries still exist.  And the Dodgers are a formidable opponent. But ...

Even if the Dodgers are "a superior team" (I am not convinced of that) underdogs often win, especially in baseball, especially in a single game.

I am old enough to remember the 1954 World Series, when the Cleveland Indians entered the World Series having set a new American League record for most wins in a season.  They lost in four straight to the New York Giants, and the hero of the series was Dusty Rhodes, a utility player who never got 250 at bats in any season of his short career.

Or how about the 1960 series, when the Yankees scored almost three times as many runs as the Pirates in the first six games (46-17), only to lose in the winner-take-all seventh game on a home run by the weakest hitting player in the Pirates' lineup.

And it wasn't that long ago that the Kansas City Royals, a team that featured a lineup in which seven of the nine had below-average OPS+ numbers, snuck into the playoffs with only 89 wins.  And lost the World Series to San Francisco, which only won 88 games in the regular season. 

Anything can happen in a short series, and that's even more true in a winner-take-all game. And the hero could be anyone -- last year's World Series MVP was Steve Pearce. 

So hang in there.  The resilience this team has shown over the last 100+ games of the regular season and into the playoffs could be the deciding factor tomorrow night.  It's what I'm counting on.