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Michael Taylor is a role player who is a useful pinch runner, pinch hitter, and defensive sub. He is a useful role player with a career WAR a little over 4. That is an MLB player.

Wilmer Difo was a 400 AB player for two teams that had winning records, including a playoff team. Like Taylor, he is more useful as a sub than every day player. That is an MLB player.

In 2017, Koda Glover was looking like a useful pitcher, had a handful of saves, and had a promising future before injuries. That is an MLB player

And no, those three aren't the best I can come up with, which is why I listed five All Stars.

If you want to just talk about stars, okay. My point is this decade the Nationals have pumped out both stars and many role players through the Farm System. Not every player will be Juan Soto, you need guys who will pitch the middle innings, bat in the bottom of the order, and pinch run and be defensive subs in the 9th.

The Nationals have been very balanced in roster construction. Other than Scherzer, the star players are home grown, they've made smart trades, and attacked free agent both for big names and patching up the bullpen. I didn't claim the system was the best, actually said the opposite, but it's not like the Nationals are a free agency only team. I do wish they had more success finding bit players in the bullpen

I think the real success of the Nats is the Dominican pipeline. Anything involving actual draft picks is either getting the obvious consensus (Strasburg, Harper) or buying a winning lottery ticket (Rendon). That said, I don't thinka 4 WAR career is MLB level. From what I understand 1.8 WAR is considered a standard, acceptable MLB player. That's 1.8 per year. Less than that and yeah, you're a replacement. I think that sums up Difo and MAT pretty well. They both have some individually memorable moments, but they are replacement level players in the grand scheme of things.