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Re: 2019 NLDS - Here come the Dodgers!!
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Hey everyone--I didn't post earlier today because I didn't want to be "that guy" that posted after a win.

Now that the series is tied 1-1, I'll go ahead and post my thoughts.

1. I saw earlier, someone said "outside of LA, everyone hates the Dodgers".  Well, I live in Washington State, and I can tell you Mariners fans are all pulling for LA this year.  Yes, most fans of the NL hate the Dodgers, but at least here in Washington, everyone is pulling for LA---mostly out of pity as this team has lost the last two, and the story would be good.  That, and they like the fact that this team is comprised of homegrown prospects and discarded free agents.

2. I think the Nats are going to win this series.  The Dodgers have no energy, don't seem to really care--when they do something good, they don't get that excited, and when they do something bad, they don't seem to be upset.  This kind of energy/attitude is very different than previous years.  They just seem tired and over it--which as a fan is infuriating. 

3. Your starters are really something.  They have played lights out.  I said before the series that this series will come down to whether your starters go deep or not.  They are going deep, and that spells trouble for us. 

All that said, my hope is the Dodgers players see this as a wake up call to get into this series.  If they don't, this series ends on Monday.  If they wake up and show that they care, then the Dodgers have a shot at a game 5 in LA. 

Congratulations on tonight, and enjoy the win--you guys look like the better team at this point.  Fun series so far

The Nationals starters going deep is defintely the key. We saw what happened after Sanchez left. So, Dave martinez made a good call by starting Sanchez, but he took him out too soon. That seems non-commital to me. And I love Corbin, but he's a starter; and he's only had 2 days rest. He really wasn't ready for tonight's game.