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Re: Contenders or Pretenders?
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Dozier's last 10 games - .947 OPS
Parra is a bench player.
Suzuki got some time off from July 1-3 but played the 4th, 5th & 6th, starting 2 of those games. He gets at least 3 a week routinely.
Adams has a 95 OPS+ and Howie has a 137 OPS+. Combined it isn't below-average offensively (though Howie has not been there all year obviously). We'll see how Zimm does.

Starting pitching has carried us the last few weeks but the lineup is fine. Soto is a force. Rendon is a force. Turner is completely solid at SS. Eaton has been hitting at his career norms, which is a little better than average by OPS+ (since June 1, he has an .810 OPS). Not concerned about our ability to score runs. Our weakest points are CF & 1B (unless Gomes is catching), and in CF Robles is mostly fine/acceptable and 1B can be really great at times.
Average is 4.8 runs per game. Nats are 4.9. They are average at best. I expect them to cool off second half. Zimm is back. Eaton will cool off. As will Rendon. Need the pen to improve.