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Re: David Ortiz shot in DR
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The story out of the DR (reported on is that the target was a guy Fernandez whose brother or cousin is the drug guy loose in the US.  Apparently, the drug guy thinks the relative ratted him out.  the photo taken at the club and given to the shooter apparently was poor quality and did not show the lower body, which was blocked by a white freezer or fridge.  Ortiz was wearing white pants, and the shooter apparently thought the similar top to Fernandez and the white pants matched the photo. 

That said, the photos of the target show him to be lighter complexion than Ortiz and he is supposed to be smaller, so there's a ton of skepticism.

I had not heard about the Lexus.

It's like an American being told he's looking for a big dude with a shaved head and then rolling up and shooting Michael Jordan.  Like, you've been given a photo of a guy who's not Michael Jordan, even with the poor photo quality.  Something in your subconscious is going to go "huh, isn't that Michael Jordan?" before you pull the trigger.   I understand that the shooting was from behind, but I still have a huge amount of trouble cramming this past my BS filter.