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The biggest thing for us to figure out so far is about the litter boxes. We have two, and she uses them, but our house doesn't have an ideal place for them and they're in two of the bathrooms. Ms1995hoo would like to replace at least one of them because the cat kicks some of the litter onto the floor when she digs.

Type of flooring can make a big difference. Tile/hardwood is easier to clean than carpeting, but the litter tends to scatter in a half mile radius. Carpet keeps it right there. If you have a small dustbuster type hand vacuum you can keep nearby, it can be a solid way to deal with them. Depending on how aggressively she digs and flings the litter, you might be able to make a difference by taking the lid from a larger storage bin and flipping it upside down, then place the litter box on that. The small lip around the edges can do a great job of containing things for some cats --- and absolutely nothing for others. Bit of trial and error, that.