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She was calmly sitting on the couch when I checked on her a while ago. When I came downstairs this morning, after I scooped the litter boxes (good sign, she's using both of them) she followed me into the kitchen and quickly figured out I was going to feed her, which made her very happy!


You are clearly well informed - the general rule is one more litter tray than cats (so one cat, two trays...). Female cats tend to be better organized than males - she will probably settle down into using one tray for urine and the other for faeces. Trays should be somewhere relatively secluded - cats don't like an audience when toiletting. Covered (hooded) trays are not good for cleanliness of either trays or cats - because they prevent dug litter from spreading they might seem like a good idea, but are best avoided. For what it's worth, my litter of choice is Tigerino Sensitive Canada Style - very fine grind, easy to clean (scoop), good odour control and efficient clumping (so you only use what is needed without a lot of excess waste). Just anecdotal (from years of cat care) but females tend to dig much more enthusiastically in the trays than males - dustpan and brush at the ready as litter does track easily...

Now, as long as Precious doesn't turn out to be a Titans fan...(what was that score yesterday, Meows?... :hysterical:).