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Re: Backyard critters
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We just adopted a cat, an older cat who isn’t into climbing on things or heavy scratching. Found her on Nextdoor—a lady was helping an elderly friend who had to enter memory-assisted living and couldn’t keep the cat. We met the cat on Friday and knew pretty quickly she’d be a good match. She arrived at 1:00 this afternoon and stayed out and around during most of the Caps game. Didn’t even run too far when I bellowed "SCORE!!!" without thinking when Ovechkin scored.

The cat's name is Precious. No truth to the rumor that I now seek a second cat named Gollum.
Excellent! No better way to honor one life gone then to rescue another. Fraidy was very lucky for you and Mrs. Shoo and Precious is ever moreso. I volunteered at a shelter and I can't tell you the number of poor animals who were given up because their owner was going into a retirement home and since older animals are so much harder to adopt out some were there sooooo long and were so confused, bless you and the misses for giving that cat a new home!