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Great news - well done  :D. If Precious isn't to be a house-cat (long-term) you should keep her indoors for the first 21 to 28 days - cats require this time to locate themselves in their new environment. If you let her wander too soon, she will either try to return 'home' or just get lost (unable to navigate her way back to your place).

Oh, no, we have no intention of letting her outside, especially not during the winter. We do plan to get her a collar just as a precaution, though, and I want to have her microchip updated to list us. Even if we don't plan to let her wander, accidents happen. There's a vet in Kingstowne about a half-mile from us (well, a half-mile on foot, a mile by car) who specializes in cats, the Kingstowne Cat Clinic, so we will likely contact them. We have her veterinary records from the prior owner and it looks like she's probably overdue for a checkup, so we may take her in for a full appointment.

She was calmly sitting on the couch when I checked on her a while ago. When I came downstairs this morning, after I scooped the litter boxes (good sign, she's using both of them) she followed me into the kitchen and quickly figured out I was going to feed her, which made her very happy!

She didn't seem too interested in the F1 Qatar Grand Prix I was watching on the DVR last night.  :lol: