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The photo hosting service I used to use is no longer useful, so I'll post a picture when I decide on another method of hosting it and I find a chance. She seems content so far. We haven't let her upstairs yet; she's explored the two lower floors of the house and we'll decide when to let her upstairs (the main hazard up here is my home office, which is both a mess and full of cables and wires all over the place due to all the electronics). She's used both litterboxes and the scratching pad. When I came downstairs this morning, she was waiting and was ready to eat—quickly figured out I was getting her breakfast (after I scooped the box) and was rubbing against my legs quietly meowing. All good signs so far. I've never had a cat before (Fraidy was never really "our cat"), so this is a new experience, but Ms1995hoo had a couple of cats over the years long before we met.

I suppose I could undock my laptop and go downstairs and work at the kitchen table, but that'd be tricky because I have some heavy typing to do. I guess when my wife wakes up she can keep the cat company.