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Re: Backyard critters
« Reply #1875: May 24, 2021, 08:33:22 PM »
Come to think of it... we haven't seen any in a couple of weeks.  Maybe there's just an unusually high supply of wild food? The last hummer I saw was on flowers, not our feeders.

Something odd is going on with our local hummingbirds. They arrived full force in April, as usual, and were sucking up copious amounts of nectar from our feeders, also as usual. This normally goes on all summer.

But, about 3 days ago, they all disappeared! We thought it was us, but the feeders were clean, the nectar was fresh, and our set up was the same as last year. Then my neighbor happened to mention that her hummers had disappeared too! Then, yesterday someone posted on NextDoor that the same thing had happened to them. They said they’d been feeding hummers for 25 years and this had never happened. Immediately several other people from all over northern Frederick County posted similar experiences, so it seems to be a pretty widespread issue out here in the wilds of rural Maryland.

Anyone else having the same issue??  Or are things fine with hummers near you?