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[Reviving this topic figuring there’ll be more wildlife happenings as the weather warms. If mods want to break it off to a new thread, fine with me]

Last year I posted how a local bear trashed our new fish pond we’d spent days digging.  :evil: It was mostly the top part of the liner that got ripped, so there was still about two feet of water left. It was too late in the season to do much about it then, so I just threw in a bubbler oxygenator and a small pond heater to help the fish overwinter.  Well, apparently that kept the remnants of the pond viable. I’ve only seen one of the fish so far, but we now have lots of Leopard Frog eggs and Spotted Salamander eggs in there. Should be interesting to see how many actually hatch and survive hungry predators. Never seen either type of egg before so this is kind of fun.