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This is pretty much my expectation. (Though it's Hal running the show, not Hank. Hank is not involved.)

I think Adams, Rendon, Doolittle, Kendrick, Barraclough, Gomes & Eaton will be traded. Mark will veto a deal for Scherzer. We'll get 2 top-100 guys for Rendon (it may take us adding in another player to his deal, like Barraclough) but the rest of the guys we get will be mid-level or worse prospects. We need any we can get honestly and Rizzo's staff does a pretty solid job evaluating young players from other systems. If Dozier, Sipp, Guerra, Parra, etc. play well up until the deadline we could get a lottery ticket or two (or international spending money) from another team at best, but hey, sell of anyone you can.

To be honest, a core of Soto-Turner-Robles-Strasburg-Scherzer-Corbin is not terrible for next year, especially with money to spend.
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