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Re: Adam Eaton, is it really over?
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I received no enjoyment from Harper leaving! He is way, way, way more exciting to watch than anyone on this team of mostly cast-offs and wannabees. Harper's AB's are still must see TV and absolutely no one in this entire organization can come close to Harper's great head of hair. Seems letting superstars go is status quo for the Nationals so enjoy Turner & Soto while you can.

More and more I’m hearing he was a clubhouse nightmare. 

I think a few weeks ago someone said- “maybe Papelbon knew something we didn’t?”  And while I hated Papelbon from day 1, there is some evidence (Hunter Strickland fight) that some of the teenage brashness (Clown Question Bro) might have aged poorly.  I mean, we all had that friend who kept doing Saturday night live characters ten years after the rest of us...

I spoke to someone a few weeks ago who told me that Werth calmed way down this year.  As much as I loved Werth and Harper, I’ve been hearing stories that Dozier was a really sweet guy who practiced his religion with good works and that Doolittle seemed to have a sixth sense of other teammate’s challenges bEing good role models and talked to them...  and of course, that Soto is a very sweet kid who respects everybody

Someone is eventually going to write a book and we’re all going to hear some story where Harp insulted Gio or Michael A or one of these really innocent guys and I’m convinced we’re going to rethink the clubhouse during those years

Kind of like, I thought Ray Knight was hilarious, but then i started to hear that he was mean when he drank

Except that we’re never going to hear that Tyler Clippard was a real ladies man