Author Topic: Bryce: All things considered, I'd Rather be in Philadelphia  (Read 20530 times)

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Harper has been booed since he was a child. He doesn't care. It is business. He wanted to go FA. Can't begrudge him for getting paid. I think in the end Boras didn't really do him any favors. But he made his play and the Nats made theirs. Lerners had no appetite for a bidding war. Moving on and impriving the team elsewhere was smart business given their desire to keep the finances in check so they never spend their own money. They never have. That is their business. Biggest blunder was not Bryce and Boras settlingvfor Philly. That was a blunder. But the bigger one was Lerner not trading him when they knew their plans. Stupid.

I doubt Harper has been booed a lot by his hometown fans. Therein lies the Philly rub.

I don't think the Lerners were stupid not to trade him. One, I think they thought they could sign him because he was talking all that legacy loyalty crap. Also, if they traded him they would have taken a huge hit with the fan base. It may have been a bad baseball decision but it was a great business decision. Right now, the narrative is that they made him a great offer and he greedily went somewhere else. He comes across as the bad guy and the Lerners come out looking good.