Author Topic: Bryce: All things considered, I'd Rather be in Philadelphia  (Read 30917 times)

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The thing that really makes me sad about this is the way the team did him dirty at the end. I know most people won't agree with me on this and that's fine. But I don't think they ever made him a real offer, and then they engaged in a well orchestrated campaign to make the fans ok with that.

1. The leaked 10/300 "offer" with 100 mil deferred for 30 years that was off the table before he even tested free agency.
2. The Lerner radio spot that planted animosity.
3. The Scherzer quote, the Boswell article about what a crappy teammate he supposedly was, and FP talking about how "everyone I've talked to can't believe he turned down the Nats geeenerous offer".

It helped that it stretched this far into February, but everyone just got tired of it and the Nats made it really easy for their fans to hate him. But it just feels to me like a cover for the fact that they were never going to pay one of the most interesting and dynamic players in baseball.

He probably wanted to stay, but it doesn't really seem like he was ever given that chance and that sucks.

I think Arenado just showed what you do when you want to stay.  So did Strasburg.  The latter shows that the Nats specifically are willing to work with guys who want to stay. 

I'm with you on the trashing him in the media and the sycophantic coverage, but if you're serious about staying you know that by going well into the FA period you take the risk that they might throw a lot of the money originally earmarked for you at someone else (Corbin) and tell you to stuff it.   

shout out to mark lerner for veto'ing a harper to houston trade and freaking up a chance at getting any value out of bryce in a dumpster fire season

Yeah, in ten years he'll be in the Mark Davis club of idiot second generation owners.