Author Topic: Bryce: All things considered, I'd Rather be in Philadelphia  (Read 30909 times)

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I'm just sad, and disappointed, and I'm also petty because I just can't wish him well yet.  I wanted him to establish his legacy here, with the team he started with.  He was ours, but it turns out he was just a mercenary like everybody else.  I'll get over it, not sure I'll ever think "yay Bryce did good today!" though. 

You and I are on the exame same page. He is a money grubbing pro athlete like the rest. That's why I love Stras. He actually turned down money because he liked the organization, the city, and its fans.

I will always hate him because he basically spewed a line of BS about wanting to stay here and then signed with our arch rival. But having an arch villain in sports is fun. And, really, it will be perfect. The team I hate the most and the player that now hate the most.