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Re: Major Rule Changes being considered
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I don't see the union blessing a limit on players.  It's all fun and games until someone's career is ended because he was left in the game with no other pitchers available.

It's just wrong...and I don't see why continuing to tamper with the game with gimmicks is seen as anything but.  As mitlen said...they are trying to reach an audience they will never reach...

Literally every other sport changes to adapt to the abilities of those playing. And to trends in the game.  It’s not “gimmicks” any more than using a string of relievers is a gimmick compared to how baseball was played 20 years ago. It’s adapting to situation.

I grew up on baseball. I love baseball. And I now find it much more boring now than it used to be. I’m not sure why they should just write someone like me off.

As for limits, since there aren’t unlimited rosters and extra inning games exist as well as the inability to re-use players there already are limits, no? Position players pitched a record number of innings last year. Doesn’t seem any more dangerous than it already is.