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Re: Major Rule Changes being considered
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3 batter minimum for a pitcher is a terrible rule that will fundamentally alter the game's strategy. Just say no.

The rest are irrelevant and dumb rules, except universal DH can be realistically debated on both the pro and con side.
I like most of the rules. Baseball is stuck in the past and that’s why it continues to lose younger fans.

For 100 years or more the game was played with pitchers hardly ever coming in to face only one batter. It’s a recent development. I don’t think there’s any data to show that it actually works. I could live without it. It just forces a different type of strategy decision by managers if they require 3 batters faced.

I never really liked the DH but I think it will help with the younger fans also.

A pitch clock will only work if the bumps enforce it and balls and strikes are called against pitchers and batters when they violate it.