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Re: NATS PLUS questions/comments (2019)
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So she signed a contract without reading it or understanding what she was agreeing to? Because that's what it sounds like. Throw a hissy fit and never go to a game again, more elbow room for me and one less idiot in the ballpark.

Sort of. If they had the ticket plan for ten years or so they can be forgiven if they don't read all the details every year. Certainly this was part of the intent from the Nats, the same people likely to cancel are often not paying as much attention to letters from the team. Who cares if they are pissed off, they were planning on cancelling anyway. I understand the lack of sympathy for the individual plan holders who ended up buying a season package they didn't want, but the team deserves any bad publicity they get on this. Purchases for thousands of dollars should require an active opt in.