Author Topic: Can't the Nats get a AAA team closer to home? (YES! Rochester)  (Read 7351 times)

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Just a thought - I wonder if at some point it would be worth swapping affiliates with the Chi Sox.  Charlotte is a bit closer to us and I think NC is theoretically Nats / Os territory.  As for the Chicago, the distance is probably a little less to Rochester.  I'll guess Charlotte is more of a transportation hub, so it probably is more functional for Chicago.  Better weather, too.
Being a NC native, I would fully support this move.  When I was growing up, it seemed like everybody was a Braves or Yankees fan.  I rebelled.  I was so glad to see DC get a team in 2005, and I jumped on immediately.  I am glad the Nats have caught on with a lot of North Carolinians.  There is a great Nats presence in eastern NC now.