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Re: 2018-19 Offseason (Non-Nats)
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What is the NYY's farm system ranked now? 10 on MLB's rankings, FG has them lower.  Ton of pitching even after trading Sheffield. No Robles-level position prospect in the minors, maybe not even a Kieboom.  I'm going to guess they have pitching prospects of interest to Jeter, and 1st / 2d year major-league positions players like Frazier and Andujar (ROY) also have some value even after graduating. 
This isn't the best few years of ragging on the Yankee and Red Sox farm system.  Just too many home grown all stars and guys doing well  after trades.  It wasn't all ESPN hype.

They're both quite astute teams at keeping the good ones and trading the less good ones.   That's where the hype plays in - all the prospects get a ton of hype, and then the teams dump the ones for whom they think the hype isn't justified.  Let's see how Sheffield does, but I wonder how the White Sox feel right now about Moncada (and Kopech, although that's a different situation) or the A's how they feel about Dustin Fowler and the rest of the Sonny Gray package.