Updated - who does Harper sign with?

25 (47.2%)
22 (41.5%)
2 (3.8%)
1 (1.9%)
White Sox
3 (5.7%)

Total Members Voted: 53

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This is bad for baseball.  There should be a signing date, like the Sunday before the Superbowl, for any contracts over $50MM.  If you can't sign by then, the big guys like Harper and Machado become one-year signings over $25MM, the lesser become 1 or 2 year deals. Then it just becomes high dollar, short term deals.  Lesser FAs would not be impacted by the date and could still sign their typical during spring training deals.

Those greedy billionaire owners are clearly colluding to cheat these poor players.  They should just give them what they want...   :whistle: