Updated - who does Harper sign with?

25 (47.2%)
22 (41.5%)
2 (3.8%)
1 (1.9%)
White Sox
3 (5.7%)

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It really is crazy how many FA are remaining with pitchers and catchers to report in a few days.  Are they all waiting for the Harper domino to fall?  Will Machado, Kuechel, Kimbrel, and all of the others quickly follow?  I really think Bryce already knows, but I'm not sure what he is waiting on to announce. 
This is bad for baseball.  There should be a signing date, like the Sunday before the Superbowl, for any contracts over $50MM.  If you can't sign by then, the big guys like Harper and Machado become one-year signings over $25MM, the lesser become 1 or 2 year deals. Then it just becomes high dollar, short term deals.  Lesser FAs would not be impacted by the date and could still sign their typical during spring training deals.