Updated - who does Harper sign with?

25 (47.2%)
22 (41.5%)
2 (3.8%)
1 (1.9%)
White Sox
3 (5.7%)

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Author Topic: POLL: UPDATED: Bryce's team in 2019 will be.....  (Read 68536 times)

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Until his nappy headed ho comment. :crackup: Funny how HS with all his crap never got smacked down.

I quit listening to Imus before that stupidity.    He had gone off the rails with the idiots in his crew   ....  Bo Deedle, Bernie something or other, etc.     I knew (vaguely) the coach of the Rutger's women's team in a previous life (W. Pa).    I knew, again vaguely, her husband as well.    So, when I heard that comment originally, it disgusted me generally and it took on a personal disgust as well.

JCA will be along in a minute.    :mg: