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As to Realmuto, we didn't have a decent catcher or Top 25 pitching prospect to trade for him so I feel better about never being in the running for him.

I'm thinking the equivalent deal for us would have been something like Robles and Garcia.

No, but it does point to them asking for Robles and Keiboom as an overreach.

Alfaro is a nice glove, but not sure if his bat will hold up. Sanchez has a ton of potential, but also seems prime for an injury.

The fan graphs analysis says this is a classic boom or bust.  On paper, Sanchez is a top-line starter, but he's had some injury issues.  If Alfaro gets his strikeout rate down, he could be the best catcher in the league.  Or, they could both be busts.  Seems like a good gamble for the Marlins who give up 2 years of Realmuto and for Philly who arguably makes their club more attractive to Harper or Machado.