Updated - who does Harper sign with?

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White Sox
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Re: POLL: Bryce's team in 2019 will be.....
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If Harper returns does he still get a pass for not running out routine plays, not chasing balls into the corner, throwing to the wrong base? If he hits under .250 and he's making $35 million a year is he still a fan favorite? In any other city he's going to be expected to produce on a high level on a consistent basis and to give full effort every game, I wonder if he still gets a pass in DC.

In a podcast interview with Chelsea Janes she mentioned that she got a chilly reception from Harper at points last season because she questioned him on effort. She defended her questions by stating that it was obvious at times that he was not giving full effort in the field and he's being paid super star money.
That’s why he is scared to go to Philly which is probably the only other team that has offered him what he wants. He won’t get a pass there.