Author Topic: I, For One, Welcome Our New CF Overlord (The Robles Thread)  (Read 24346 times)

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They're not gonna go through this to use Robles as a defensive replacement. Why would Rizzo pay 2.3+ million when he could pay the league minimum and go with someone he already has?

Robles will get starting time, particularly at the beginning of the season. The talent/scouting is simply too tantalizing. They're gonna hope he figures it out. Maybe they're hoping he can still be a long term piece. Maybe they're hoping he hits well and can flip him at the deadline. But they're gonna get him some regular playing time to start the season.
This is the correct take and we know it will end up miserably.

This is one of the problems of analytics. For all the good it's done for sports, not that long ago Victor Robles attitude, as outlined in that Washington Post article, would have seen him shipped out. Analytics can't count the benefit of a professional clubhouse, so they pretend it doesn't exist.